Human Face Detection and Segmentation of Facial Feature Region
Human Face Detection and Segmentation of Facial Feature Region
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face detection
viola jones object detection
feature extraction
image segmentation

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Tania Akter Setu, & Dr. Mijanur Rahman. (2016). Human Face Detection and Segmentation of Facial Feature Region. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 16(G1), 1–8. Retrieved from


Human face facial feature detection and Segmentation have attracted a lot of attention because of their wide applications In computer-human interaction face recognition video surveillance security system and so many application use automatic face detection This paper is about a study of detecting human faces within images and segmenting the face into numbered regions which are the face- mouth- eyes- and nose regions respectively For face detection we have used the Viola Jones object detection framework Sometime the VJOD make a false frame of object detection Here trying to detect the problem of identification and improve the detection quality by changing the threshold value It detect the frontal face of human which is 2D From detected face image we separate the extracted part of face in a single image and Segment nose eyes lip and hole face portion by Discontinuous based Image Segmentation The development and experiments demonstration of this research is done on MATLAB 2013 The learning behavior of the algorithm was tested on different face of human
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