About the Journal


Global Journals serves as an international platform dedicated to facilitating the publication of high-quality research and review papers across all fields of study. It aims to connect researchers, inventors, scientists, engineers, managers, doctors, and professors engaged in various research disciplines, fostering a comprehensive environment for academic and professional growth.

Global Journals Inc. stands at the forefront of disseminating and promoting high-quality research findings through its publication of research papers, insightful surveys, and review papers. This initiative aims to bridge communication among eminent contributors in the research community, showcasing content that spans original research and cutting-edge applications across various fields of knowledge, including science, technology, business, medicine, and sociology. Such diversity promotes a deeper understanding of philosophical trends and technological advancements. The organization prides itself on presenting unpublished materials, which undergo a rigorous peer-review process overseen by a distinguished Editorial Board to ensure exceptional scholarly standards.

The Editorial Board meticulously reports on groundbreaking research in key areas of computer science, engineering, business and management, social science, and medicine, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the high quality of the content published.

As a leading publisher in the academic and professional spheres, Global Journals Inc. has earned a global reputation for its comprehensive publishing program that encompasses a broad range of disciplines, from computer science and management to medical sciences.


Our mission is to continuously enhance our expertise and elevate our standards to provide top-tier journals across all areas of specialization. We are committed to leveraging our knowledge to offer efficient publication solutions and research platforms. These initiatives aim to enable our clientele to tap into the vast potential of information for advancing science, health, and technology, preparing them for future information utilization methods.


Global Journals is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in the growth of the international research community. Our goal is to expand the scope of research publication by delivering unparalleled services and innovative tools to researchers, educators, scientists, and professionals worldwide. By supplying scholarly papers and articles, we aspire to establish a platform of uniform quality for authors, contributing significantly to the development of global research and knowledge dissemination.