Moving Object Tracking using Color Feature in a Video
Moving Object Tracking using Color Feature in a Video
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motion detection
background subtraction
color feature extraction
background modeling
dynamic background

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K.Srinivasan. (2015). Moving Object Tracking using Color Feature in a Video. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 15(F4), 9–12. Retrieved from


Video processing is one of the most challenging areas in image processing It deals with identifying an object of interest Motion detection has been used in many fields either directly or indirectly In this paper an efficient approach to motion detection in video sequence using color feature extraction operator Using this approach we improve the background subtraction and detecting the moving object with greater accuracy In this paper background modeling is done in order to make the update of background due to light illumination and change in the weather condition Foreground detection is done before updating the background model Color feature extraction is done in order to avoid the dynamic background such as moving leaves rain snow rippling water
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